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Best Sustainable Fashion Brands

Sustainable fashion does not have to be second hand to be environmentally friendly; not everyone has to wear worn out trainers and washed out t-shirts to be sustainable. There are many brands that sell hand-made clothes that are still kind to the environment and in order to move away from fast fashion, we need to start supporting sustainable brands for a greener future. Although it may sound inconvenient at first since it is difficult to find brands like that without plenty of research, there are not as hidden and expensive as one may think. Below I've compiled my own pick of the nicest and most affordable sustainable fashion brands just a click away.


Origin: Los Angeles, USA

Price Range: ££-£££

Sizing: UK 4-20

Established in 2009 by a former model, Yeal Alfado, Reformation has been 100% carbon neutral since 2015 and according to their website, the clothes are made in a sustainable factory in Los Angeles. They invested in 'green infrastructure' to minimise waste, water and energy; their factory relies 100% on wind energy and they recycle and compost organic wastes and try to source fabrics locally. The brand is known for their Californian style evident in their infamous floral dresses and denim jeans.

SHOP HERE: www.thereformation.com


Origin: London, England

Price Range: ££

Sizing: UK 4-30

'We Are We Wear' is an English swimwear company founded by Natalie Paul and Chelsea Williams who are 'advocates for body positivity' and want to 'encourage women to be themselves.' Their latest collection, 'We Are We Wear' Reversible, 'includes classic, simple, shapes that can be worn in multiple, versatile ways- allowing customers to create their own style, their own way.' Their sustainable 'Eco Edit' fabric is made in Italy from unwanted waste materials such as fishing nets, industrial plastics and fabric scraps. 'We Are We Wear' produces both swimsuits and bikinis, featuring simplistic and vibrant colours.

SHOP HERE: www.wearewewear.com


Origin:Seattle, USA

Price Range: ££

Sizing: XXS-6XL

'Girlfriend Collective' is an activewear brand that state on their website that their first goal was 'to be as transparent as possible.' Their compressive leggings and bras are made from 77% recycled polyester and 21% spandex, with the leggings being made from 25 recycled post-consumer bottles and their bras from being made from 11. They also declared that their t-shirts and tank tops are '100% cupro, a delicate fibre made from waste the cotton industry leaves behind,' while their yarn is made 'in a zero-waste, zero-emission facility in Japan, then constructed at our SA8000-certified factory in Hanoi.' On top of using recycled fabrics, their packaging is also 100% recycled and recyclable. 'Girlfriend Collective' is the perfect brand to replace Nike or Adidas with as their activewear is of high quality and of a similar price.

SHOP HERE: www.girlfriend.com


Origin: San Francisco, USA

Price Range: ££-£££

Sizing: UK 6-15

Their latest 'Well Thread' collection made up of 'low-impact garments that can be kept and worn for many years and when it's time-easily recycled.' It is 100% recyclable and the new Water<Less technique adapted by Levi's saves up to 96% of the water normally used during the finishing process. It is made from hemp which is a natural fibre that saves significant amounts of water at the cultivation stage so using it allows to reduce water impact and prioritise environmental conservation. Hemp also requires less intervention in the growing stage, it promotes cleaner soils. The new collection is for both men and women and features a lot of nude and toned down looks.

SHOP HERE: www.levi.com


Origin: Nashville, USA

Price Range: ££-££££

Sizing: XS-XL

'ABLE' is a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty by working with women from lower socio-economic backgrounds as the founder, Barnett Wand, saw firsthand how extreme poverty impacts young women whilst living in Ethiopia. 'ABLE' manufactures directly in the communities they wish to impact, both locally and globally, creating jobs and ending the cycle of charity dependency.

SHOP HERE: www.livefashionable.com


Origin: London, England

Price Range: ££-£££

Sizing: UK 6-14

'House of Sunny' produces small sustainable runs of collections (only 2 a year!) to act against fast fashion. The brand is committed to 'creating quality garments, which last and can be worn season after season.' They do not use leather, down, feathers, exotic skins or mohair to make their whole brand vegan. All garment bags are 100% biodegradable, plastic free and made from 100% compostable bio-based films.

SHOP HERE: www.houseofsunny.co.uk


Origin: London, England

Price Range: ££

Sizing: S-L

'AWAY THAT DAY' was established in London but is manufactured in Bali in a small, family run manufacturing studio. It is an eco-friendly swimwear brand made from Econyl which is 100% regenerated Nylon made from recycled ocean nets, nylon scraps and ocean plastics. Econyl is made through a process of rescuing, regenerating, evaluating and finally, recycling. On top of using sustainable fabrics, the brand uses eco packaging and compostable mailing bags which they obtain from a recycled tissue paper company called NO ISSUE who contributes to reforestation and plants a tree every time 'AWAY THAT DAY' makes an order.

SHOP HERE: www.awaythatday.com

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