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My Modern Style Muses

Updated: May 21, 2020

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." - Miuccia Prada

Some would say that style is a wordless language as it speaks for itself. By paying attention to how you dress, you are unconsciously presenting yourself in a specific way. Before you say anything upon meeting someone new it is likely that your attire already done most of the talking. It's psychological. It's the exact reason why we resonate with certain famous figures despite the fact that we don't know them personally. By copying their style, we are unconsciously trying to mimic their aura. Although I believe that without vintage icons fashion would not be what it is today there are a few individuals that I look up to style wise in this modern age whether it be for their experimentation, expression or essence. After all, there would be no past without the present.

Alexa Chung

Alexa has been someone that I've been fascinated by for a while. Her eclectic take on style has intrigued me. How can an outfit that shouldn't go together look like it does? Whether she's wearing a baggy long skirt or childish pink sunglasses, she makes it look straight off the runway. Her avoidance of trends is also a big factor in her timeless look and a big reason as to why I like her style so much. Extra points for great hair.

Lucy Boynton

Lucy's style is a perfect mix of late 60's Mod and 90's grunge- there is something rebellious with a hint of freedom and a respect for eyeliner. With no brand names ever splashed on her clothes, she looks timeless- as if she could belong to any era. Also, great taste in sunglasses.

Dakota Johnson

She has become renowned for her acting work as well as being the face of Gucci therefore I was fairly surprised to see that she knows how to dress and seems to do so by herself. Yes, her looks could have easily been orchestrated with the assistance of a stylist but her fashion sense looks genuine as it has a pattern, she often rewears beloved garments and sticks to a basic colour palette, these factors are absent in a wardrobe controlled by a stylist.

Kaia Gerber

Although she is the daughter of Cindy Crawford and has done little bits of work in fashion throughout her life, Kaia is someone fairly new in the industry. Her take on style is mature and timeless and echos the style of her own mum in the 90's. She has proved to be a vintage lover with a special admiration for the 90's which is evident in her love of boxy blazers, straight leg jeans and converse. She avoids trends and sticks to the classics which undoubtedly makes her a fashion inspiration for people that like to keep it simple. (In other words, me.)

Jeanne Damas

Jeanne is a French Instagram blogger and someone that I discovered recently. In an age when Instagram bloggers nearly all look like they could be related to the Kardashians, it was refreshing to find someone that dresses so simply and looks so natural while holding a genuine interest in fashion. Her take on style is vintage, chic and well, very French. Extra points for the lipstick.

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