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The 'It' Girls of Yesterday That Still Influence Fashion Today

Updated: May 21, 2020

Bianca Jagger

She is a Nicaraguan social and human rights advocate and an actress that first came onto the scene in the early 70's after getting romantically involved with Mick Jagger and marrying him in 1971. Before fame, she was very focused on her education and received a scholarship to study at the Paris Institute of Political Studies in France. Her most recognisable outfit is certainly her wedding attire which was considered very unconventional even as for the 70's, which consisted of a white blazer and skirt designed by Yves Saint Laurent. That alongside the power suits she wore later on in the decade became her trademark style.

Anita Pallenberg

She was a German- Italian actress, artist and model. After going out with 3 of the Rolling Stones, she settled with Keith Richards in 1967. She was successful in her own right as she appeared on the cover of Vogue and starred in many films in late 60's and 70's. Her style was eclectic and defined 70's groupie fashion and in her memoir "Life" she stated "I started to become a fashion icon for wearing my old lady's clothes." After recovering from addiction and getting over her breakup, she went onto study fashion design at Central Saint Martins in London as a mature student.

Jean Shrimpton

She was the most in-demand model of the early 60's and was nicknamed 'The Shrimp' for her long slim figure. She single-handedly launched the mini skirt on a trip to Australia by reportedly giving Mary Quaint the idea for not just a simple fashion garment but a revolution, making her a memorable fashion icon.


Known for her willowy figure and unusual look, she was one of the biggest icons of 60's fashion. She dethroned Jean Shrimpton when she became an 'it' girl after cutting her hair into a pixie cut, which wasn't a popular request at the hairdresser's in the 60's culture of having very long, very natural hair. Known for her big doll-like eyes, she applied 3 layers of fake eyelashes everyday to get her look.


Still around today, in the 70's she occupied the role of a singer, actress and TV host. She gained popularity in 1965 with the song "I Got You Babe" which she sang with her husband, Sonny. She began her solo career in 1967 and became a TV personality in the 70's with her shows "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour" and "Cher" while also becoming a fashion trendsetter for her elaborate looks worn on the shows.

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